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MLB Betting in Iowa

If you’re a fan of Major League Baseball and sports betting, this should be an exciting time for you. The Iowa legislature has legalized sports betting, including mobile sports betting and soon MLB betting will be available at live and online sportsbooks.

Major League Baseball is still considered “America’s Pastime,” and it is one of the easiest sports to bet on. On this page, you’ll all about MLB betting, including how to read MLB odds and the ways you can bet on MLB games.

MLB betting in iowa

Where to Bet on the MLB in Iowa

Sports betting was legalized in Iowa in May 2019, and we predict that MLB betting will be available later this year. We expect a majority of the state’s 19 casinos to offer sports betting and there is the potential for there to be up to 38 different brands available in the Iowa market.

While we don’t know all of the providers that will operate in the state, we estimate that many of the following companies will offer services for sports bettors in Iowa:

  • BetStars
  • Bet365
  • 888
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • playMGM
  • PointsBet
  • William Hill

For online sports betting, you will have to register in-person at the brand’s casino partner until early 2021. Afterward, everything can be done online. Online sports betting will only be available to those physically located in Iowa. You don’t have to be a resident, but your device will have to be Wi-Fi enabled to allow the geotracking software to determine your location.

Types of MLB Bets Available

MLB betting is among the simplest forms of betting and offers more opportunities for betting than any other sport due to its long regular season. Before betting, it’s crucial that you understand MLB odds so you can make the best decisions possible.

Understanding MLB Odds – US sportsbooks try and keep betting simple, and that’s why they primarily use a moneyline system for odds. Moneyline odds feature positive and negative odds. Bets on underdog teams have positive odds, which tells you the amount of you can expect to profit on a $100 bet. If you bet on the Dodgers at +140, you will win $140 on every $100 bet.

For bets on favorites, you get negative odds which tells you how much you must wager to win $100. If the Yankees are -140, then you will have to wager $140 to win $100. Every form of MLB betting listed below will feature moneyline odds. Now that you know how to read MLB odds, here are the types of MLB bets you can place.

Moneyline – Not to be confused with moneyline odds, this bets is a simple bet on the winner.

Run Line – If you’re familiar with a points spread, then you’re familiar with a run line. This is the margin of victory or loss for a team. For run line bets to win for favorites, they have to win by more than the line. For underdogs, they have to either win or lose by less than the line.

Total Runs – This over/under bet is for the total runs scored by both teams. If the Orioles at Athletics has a line of 9.5, you’ll bet whether the total runs will go over or under that line.

Prop Betting – These bets are not related to a game’s outcome, but on events during the game. Examples include how many batters will be hit in a game or how many home runs a team will hit.

Futures – You’re betting on a future event, such as which team will win the World Series. Later in the season, you may get futures bets on Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, and the MVP award.

When Will MLB Betting Launch in Iowa?

While Iowa lacks an MLB franchise, there are plenty of die-hard MLB fans in the state. We predict that MLB betting will launch at some point during the fall, perhaps in time for the MLB playoffs. In terms of sports betting, if it doesn’t launch concurrent with live sports betting, it will likely launch in time for the 2020 MLB season.

Major League Baseball offers more opportunities to be than any other sports and is a fun way to connect to the game. Whether you’re a fan of the Dodgers, Cubs, or even an East Coast team, you’ll find plenty of ways to bet on MLB games at Iowa online sportsbooks.