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Online Sports Betting in Iowa

On May 13, 2019, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed SF 617 into law and made Iowa the third US state to legalize sports betting in 2019. This signing allows Iowa to join the ranks of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and others that have regulated sports betting after the Supreme Court struck down PASPA in 2018.

The good news for the citizens of Iowa is that both live and online sports betting is coming to Iowa soon. On this page, you’ll learn more about Iowa sports betting and the types of bets that will be available.

online sports betting in iowa

NFL Betting

While Iowa doesn’t have an NFL franchise, there will still be plenty of opportunities to bet on the NFL after the launch of online sports betting in Iowa. Action will be available on all game of the regular season as well as the post-season and the Super Bowl.

Also, you can expect a variety of prop betting available for the NFL as well as futures bets on all teams. There should also be a selection of bets available for the NFL draft.

NBA Betting

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has fans nationwide, and those in Iowa are among the most passionate. After the launch of Iowa sports betting, you’ll find a variety of bets available on NBA games.

While there will be action available on all regular season games, the NBA Playoffs is when the heaviest action will occur. You’ll also be able to bet on futures on the NBA, such as whether the Golden State Warriors will have a chance to regain the NBA title in 2020.

Betting action on the NBA draft will also be available with a variety of prop bets often attached to draft betting.

NHL Betting

Iowa isn’t exactly considered NHL territory, but there are hockey fans throughout the US. As such, Iowa sports betting will offer plenty of action on NHL games during the regular and post-season.

You’ll find the most action on the NHL during the playoffs and the Stanley Cup Finals. There will also be a selection of prop bets and futures bets available.

MLB Betting

Baseball is popular in Iowa, and while they don’t have an MLB franchise, there are still plenty of rabid MLB fans. Fan allegiance seems to be split between the Royals, Twins, Cubs, and Cardinals and you’ll be able to bet on those games and every game during the MLB regular season and post-season.

There are fewer prop bets available in baseball than other sports, but futures bets should be available at most Iowa online sportsbooks.

NCAA Betting

College football is considered the most popular sport in Iowa, so you can expect tons of action on NCAA football once online sports betting in Iowa launches. However, football is not the only thing you can bet on.

Iowa sportsbooks will take action on many NCAA sports, including baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and more. For sports other than football and basketball, bets may be limited to major programs only.

Notable Restrictions on NCAA Sports Betting

The only notable restriction on online sports betting in Iowa involves prop bets on in-state teams. Prop bets are banned on in-state teams, so you won’t be able to make certain bets on the Iowa Hawkeyes or other NCAA schools.

However, most other forms of NCAA betting will be allowed. Restrictions on in-state NCAA betting is not something new. New Jersey has a complete ban on in-state NCAA betting, and this is something we expect to see in other states as lawmakers try and limit point shaving and other practices related to college athletics.

When Will Sports Betting Launch in Iowa?

Iowa sports betting has yet to be launched, but we believe that there’s a good chance that live sports betting will go online by the end of the year. Several in-state casinos have already made partnerships for Iowa sports betting and based on reports, there could be as many as 38 brands available in the state by the time both live and online sports betting launches.

For online sports betting, a conservative estimate is Spring 2020. Casinos will focus on launching live sportsbooks in 2019 while finalizing plans for online sportsbooks. Regardless, it’s just a matter of time before online sports betting in Iowa launches and soon you will be able to bet on all of your favorite sports.